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Seana Mallen

Artist & Educator

An invitation to wander...

I’ve been walking & drawing in & drawing inspiration from the South  Downs and Stanmer Park for seven years now & feel a deep connection with this adopted landscape. 

When I found my studio  here at Stanmer Craft Museum, I couldn’t believe my luck, to be in the heart of this landscape that I love & part of such a friendly, engaged and creative community.

I am both an artist and a teacher.

Currently, I only run painting classes online, but hope to hold workshops here at Stanmer Craft Museum when the Covid crisis is over. Watching my students blossom and thrive is one of my greatest joys.

My artwork is based  in years of close observation of the local landscape,, but I’m not interested in creating a realistic painting of any particular place. 
Rather, I'd like you to step into the painting and come on a walk with me, that sparks your own imagination & memory...

I often include prints I’ve made directly from plants i’ve gathered here, as well as bits  of old local maps, sheet music, postage stamps from far away places, pages  of old books. All things to suggest associations and connections. 
To see more of my work, please visit my website or instagram, and enjoy your journey.. 

I invite you to wander...
Create your own stories.
Bon voyage!

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