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Romi Shadler Reingold

Enamel Artist

Looking out from my studio widow in the Tram Shelter I have a unique view of the Craft Museum at Stanmer. Tucked under some mighty trees at the foot of the site, the historic Tram Shelter is a perfect spot for inspiration, being surrounded by nature and the bustle of the Stanmer Creatives.


In my enamel compositions I explore colour and texture within the luminous effects of powdered & liquid enamels. The transformation through multiple layers of colour gives a richness and depth to the glass finish and brings the pieces to life.

Enamelling is a fabulous process, fusing glass colour to metal for a finish that lasts and doesn’t fade over time. I prefer the qualities of copper which makes a beautiful base and background. My pieces typically have multiple short firings in the enamel kilns, followed by cleaning, polishing, filing and presenting in adapted frames to show the colours at their best.

My enamels are inspired by, and a response to nature and our ability to notice, cherish and protect it.


Thematically similar but very different by process are my ceramic sculptures. Inspired by woods, trees and connections in nature, they are simple forms with complex adaptations. Each sculpture is hand built and carved with attention to detail to enable light to pass through, giving the feeling of walking amongst trees, space and air. They have a dual function as a lantern with a nook for an electric flex for a lamp or space for a candle; my favourite being beeswax for the soft, flickering glow and sweet aroma.

The ceramic sculptures take up to twelve hours to complete and are a fine balance of the possibilities of , carving within the limitations and properties of workable clay, avoiding structural instability or collapse, varied drying rates, cracking and crumbling; quite a challenge!


To view examples of my Art work search on Instagram @enchanted_enamels_

Contact me via email with any questions or enquiries:


Pop in to view at The Tram, one of the world’s smallest galleries.

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